Ambelos Phos rosé, Zacharias Wines

Ambelos Phos rosé

Type: Semi-dry Rosé Wine.
Classification: Protected Geographical Indication Peloponnese.
Grape Varieties: 70% Aghiorgitiko – 30% Syrah.
Description: The semi-dry vinification of the Aghiorgitiko and the Syrah gives us a bright-colored wine with a crisp flavor. The sugar residuals from the fermentation balance out the acidity. It is known for its smooth, fruity aromas, dominated by cherry and strawberry.
Vineyards: From selected vineyards in the mountain regions of Nemea.
Harvest Dates: Mid September for the Aghiorgitiko, late September for the Syrah.
Vinification: Classic rosé vinification, with a few (8-12) hours of extraction at a low temperature. Before it is fully completed, the fermentation is paused, so that 12gr/lt of unfermented sugars can come up.
Served At: 6-8 oC.
Food pairings: Fruit salads, sugarless sweets, light creams. It can also be drunk neat, as an aperitif.



Gold medal for the 2016 production. San Francisco Wine Competition, 2017.

Ambelos Phos rosé, Zacharias Wines