Quality wine means quality grapes, first and foremost

No matter how much chemistry and technology progress, the secret to a good wine will always lie in the earth itself. Therefore, the necessary requirement for any high quality wine is the rigorous choice of the raw material: the grapes themselves. It is obvious then that the vineyards are the only good starting point for creating delightful, quality wines.


The Zacharias vineyards are currently home to 13 varieties:

The native Aghiorgitiko, Asyrtiko, Sklava, Kydonitsa, Mavrodafni, Malagouzia, Moschofilero, Roditis, and the famous cosmopolitan varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Syrah and Sauvignon Blanc.


Our vineyard spreads across a 40000 square meters stretch. 30000 of these are located in the wider region of Nemea, while the other 10000 are in the Mantineia region.

The largest part of the Zacharias vineyards lies in the Douramani location, in Nemea. That is where the only undivided contemporary Sklava vineyard can be found. Sklava is a local variety that was revived thanks to the personal efforts of agriculturalist Elias Zacharias, the founder of Zacharias Wines.

The oldest part of our vineyards is found in the Tsintari location, in Nemea. A small part of Aghiorgitiko grapes have been planted there since 1960, right next to the ancient Acropolis of Phlious.

Furthermore, a large part of our vineyards is still located on the mountainsides around Leontio, the village from which the Zacharias family stems. Apart from the native Aghiorgitiko, varieties such as Mavrodafni, Kydonitsa and Malagouzia have also adapted exceptionally well in that area.

In the last years, due to our large growth, as well as the introduction of new labels, the Zacharias winery also uses grapes from selected collaborators, mostly for the Omikron and Ambelou Phos series. Each producer that we collaborate with works under the close supervision of our agriculturists and oenologists, so that the raw material meets our high quality standards at all times.