Family Tradition – Forward Thinking - Continuous Distinctions

Created by one of the oldest families of winemakers in Nemea, Zacharias Vineyards rely on tradition as well as a high level of scientific expertise, and have produced more than 20 wine labels up to now, earning multiple distinctions along the way.


We have been bottling wines since 2002, but our winemaking history goes much farther back.

Zacharias Winery Ltd. is one of the most important wineries in Nemea. In recent years, our wines have received continuous distinctions from large international competitions, placing our company among the fastest-growing powerhouses in the field of winemaking.

Our company was founded by Elias Zacharias. Mr. Zacharias is a graduate of the Agricultural University of Athens, and in possession of a high level of expertise. Most of all, though, he is deeply willing to give back to the place where he was born and raised, and has incessantly been offering his agriculturalist services to Nemea since 1974.

By blending the priceless gifts of tradition with cutting edge technology, and their long experience with great scientific expertise, Zacharias Vineyards are in a constant trajectory of modernization, research and excellent winemaking.

Our vision is:
-To move the local varietals –especially the Aghiorgitiko and the Sklava- to the forefront of both the Greek and the international winemaking scene;
-To create wines which are appreciated for their quality as well for their competitive prices;
-To make products which fully respect the environment and humankind.

Our philosophy is that, in order to create high quality wine, you must start at the vineyard first. The most up-to-date scientific methods are being put into practice in our vineyards, characterized by the utmost respect towards the grapes and the environment at large. We create wines of exceptional standards, guided by the need to bring about the best relationship between quality and price. Our faith is that quality wine must be accessible to the wider buying audience. Based on these two principles, our winery keeps evolving its products but also continuous to grow, thanks to the coalescence of experience, knowledge and research.


Priding a rich history, our winery is unique in its combination of tradition and cutting-edge technology.

The company’s winery, one of the largest and most historically important in the area, is built two kilometers out of Nemea, on the regional Nemea-Petrion road. It lies at the heart of the Nemea vineyard, exactly opposite to the hill where the Acropolis of Ancient Phlious once loomed. Ancient Greeks called the area Phliasian field or Phliasian land. Here, from the same soil, the renowned Phliasian wine was produced.

The winery has been built in three stages. The first facilities were built in 1960 and have been constantly productive ever since. In 1973, the winery was expanded and completed according to the optimal French standards, what with the introduction of the prevalent French know-how into Nemea and with the acquisition of underground cellars and imposing concrete wine tanks. The winery was fully upgraded and came into its current form in 2004.

Right now there is yet another upgrading process underway, thanks to the implementation of a large investment plan. This involves restructuring the spots that are open to the public as well as creating a sustainable infrastructure, designed to save up energy and to protect the environment.

Our Winemaking Process

Ensured Quality, all the way from the vineyard to your glass - Research and Development for the Greek Winemaking Industry

For us at Zacharias Vineyards, quality is fully integrated into all of the winery’s processes. Our company applies:
• A Quality Management System in accordance with the ISO 9001 standards: in this way, we ensure that our products and services are being continually optimized;
• A HACCP system in accordance with the ISO 22000 standards: are products are rendered safe for the consumers’ health;
• A system of winemaking from organic grapes, in accordance with the European Commission Regulations.

Research and Development is one of the most important processes of the company, with the double aim of:
• ensuring the creation of competitive products, through processes which are respectful to humankind and the environment alike;
• promoting science and technology, thus offering added value not just to the company itself and the Nemea region but also to the Greek winemaking industry as a whole.

The activities of our Research and Development Department include:
• The creation, in collaboration with the CGSoft Company, of an integrated winery management IT system which will be combined with the “” commercial suite;
• The analysis of polyphenol ingredients and their extraction kinetics during the vinification of Agiorgitiko grapes, in collaboration with the Agricultural University of Athens (resulting in two relevant scientific articles so far);
• The genetic identification and clonal selection of the local “Sklava” variety, in collaboration with the Agricultural University of Athens and Professor M. Stavrakakis.